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    Sump Pump Repair

    I think Chris and I have experienced every plumbing disaster imaginable. I have shared quite a few of them with you. We have had leaks, septic nightmares, clogged drains, messed up washer pipes, and even needed Sump Pump Repair.

    In fact we needed the sump pump repaired on the very first house we bought years ago we had just bought the house a big older 6 bedroom 3 bathroom house in Indiana. We moved into the house in late May right before Carly was born in June.

    Trust me moving at 9 months pregnant is not a fun experience and I do not recommend it. The sump pump was in the basement which was not finished in the house. However it was a very important part since the house would flood really bad something we learned after just living there some two weeks.

    When the sump pump stopped working it was a mess and we needed a plumber quick. Luckily we found a local one to come out that day and help us get everything back on track. The funny part of it all though was when my hubby Chris came up stairs hollering the water is going everywhere gushing we have to call now. My mom was there and over heard him and started coming looking for me she was freaking out because she thought I was the one gushing that my water had broken. We still tease her until this day about it because the look on her face was priceless.

    Another interesting thing I had no idea what a sump pump was or how it was used until that day. I learned all about how it is a small like pump that is installed in the basement. The reason it is there is to keep the area dry and stop flooding it helps protects your basement of crawl space along with foundation. A lot of houses have them and you learn real quick why they are super important to have in good working order. They are a big part of your houses overall good health.

    Do you have any funny or crazy plumbing stories? Feel free to share with me. I have more than my fair share I tease Chris all the time he should have been a plumber as much as we need one.


    This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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