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    Shaving With Straight Razor Blades

    I remember as a kid my grandfather shaved with a straight razor blades every Sunday morning before Church he would be in the hall bath. Grandma said he did it because it gave him the smoothest shave and made him feel best for Sunday morning church.

    I have shared in the past about how much I love my hubby to be clean shaven he looks so darn cute. I think most men look the best clean shaven or with a five o’clock shadow type look. When you do want to get that super clean shave a straight razor blade like my grandfather used can be a really great option. I have wanted to get Chris one for a while.

    In fact I have been thinking it would make a really nice father’s day gift for him. I do have a few tips if you’re thinking about getting and adding a straight razor blade to your shaving routine.

    Tip #1

    Splurge on a really good blade. It is worth the money to get something high quality that is really going to get the job done and last.

    Tip #2

    You really want to make sure and use a really good shaving brush so you can best apply and use a paintbrush motion to get your skin lathered the best.

    Tip #3

    Make sure you get a really good lather and remember to lather up again really good if you need to make a second pass. You want a really thick lather that fully coats your face so you can get the best results.

    Tip #4

    It is best to remember when using a straight razor blade instead of a cartridge razor that with the straight blade you hardly need to apply any pressure at all to achieve the results.

    Tip #5

    After you’re done with your shave it is best if you wash your face off with cold water. It helps best with the pores.

    I hope my tips help you get started and if you want please feel free to share any tips you might have for shaving with a straight razor blade or why you want to try it. Comments are always appreciated and wanted. 


    This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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