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    Your Local Rotorooter 

    I have been sharing some funny and serious plumbing stories in the past few months.  I think everyone should have your local Rotorooter on the fridge or in my case on speed dial. So the next plumbing story I am about to share with you is more informative that funny.

    As a child when winter would approach my grandfather would always make sure we left every faucet going at least dripping but usually a small stream. I had no idea why but didn’t ask questions and just did it. He would also call my mom when the temperatures got to a certain low and remind her to leave the faucets on.

    They were a green person’s worst nightmare but they were not doing it because they wanted to waste water and have a high water bill. They were doing it because they had very poor insulated pipes and had on more than one occasion the pipes to freeze up and bust.

    This becomes a huge issue and quite the expense. Not to mention it can really destroy a lot of stuff. I remember the kitchen one busted and it was a nightmare. I think after that is when the vigil faucet dripping went into effect.

    So when we moved to Minnesota into the house we are remodeling I started leaving all the faucets on especially since it is a really old house and the temperatures here get into the negatives quite frequently they even stay in the negatives for a few days or low single digits. I am not sure if we have been above freezing temperatures in the past few weeks.

    My husband who is one of the greenest people you will ever meet would go behind me and turn them off and of course I would explain as a kid we did. He would then explain the pipes were updated and properly insulated. I of course did not listen and continued in the evening having my drip drip drip going.

    So the last time the plumber came over Chris had him explain and show me the importance of updated and well insulated pipes which we had done. So now I am happy to say I am not wasting water. I no longer drip drip drip every faucet.

    On a serious note if you’re not sure about your pipes or worried about them freezing a call to the plumber might be in check.




    This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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