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    Finding The Perfect Real Estate

    What makes you fall in love with a house? Is it the location maybe some real estate santa monica or is it something else? When Chris and I where deciding where we wanted to try and transfer too and what kind of house we wanted these where just a few of the questions we asked each other.

    I think anyone that is looking for a house should sit down for with the person they are buying the home with and ask those questions. Chris and I started with the location question first. We narrowed down are choices too three and then let where ever the company accepted his transfer make the final decision for us.

    After we knew when and where we wanted to be living at we decided to start deciding what would make us fall in love with a house. We each made a list of must haves and wish’s for the property. Next we combined the lists and then started talking to a real estate agent about possible property matches.

    The best advice I can really give anyone looking for a home or thinking about looking is too do the above and make a list. Also make sure you are on the same page with your partner. A house is the biggest purchase most people will ever make and you might live in that house forever so you want to make sure it meets as many of your hopes as possible.

    Also by having a list it makes it a lot easier for a real estate agent to find the best matches it saves you from having to go look at properties that do not meet your needs. We were pretty fortunate that we found quite a few of the things on the list we had made and combined. We did not find everything but what we did not find the amazing price made up for in the end and gave us room financially to make some of the other things on the list a reality in the future.

    Overall I think buying a house is a wonderful idea for so many reasons and the biggest reason for us was a since of pride in ownership.




    This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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